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A New Day is Dawning at Concordia Equity Partners

On October 19, 2019, Jason and Sara Ricks have welcomed Callum Ricks into the world. Congratulations to you both on your new and exciting part of life’s journey. May you be blessed with the joy that children truly bring to life.

On the same day and half a continent away, my son Salvatore and I were on the opposite end of the child-rearing journey. We were moving Sal to Boston, where he will start his new job as a real estate analyst for Nuveen.  It was the culmination of our job as parents and him moving out into the world to make his mark/write his own story. We will still be with him and be his biggest cheerleaders, but this is a big step away, both physically and emotionally.

I had the chance to speak with Jason this past Thursday and related to him how you are never really ready for your first child. The fun, sleeplessness, and joyousness.

I told him to relax and not buy into the hamster wheel of the right schools, music lessons, multiple travel league sports, extra tutoring, and constantly cramming your child’s life full of busy work to get them in the “right school.”  God really does have a plan for your life and their lives.

Salvatore has worked for a number of our affiliated companies, including Concordia Realty Management, Inc. Concordia Realty Corp., Acme Realty Investors LLC, and Truefield Realty Advisors LLC. He has done work for us since he was in grade school.

We had him do things that were commensurate with his ability levels. From demolition, janitorial, maintenance to graphics, marketing, promotional pieces, market research, financial analysis, and even a little music composition (which he still owes me a finished product) as he got older.

I did not have to drive from Chicago to Boston with Sal. He could have done it on his own. But I did recognize the opportunity for an extended goodbye. A kind of final shot at wrapping up the teachings and knowledge of the past 22.5 years. It was a great opportunity to learn together while listening to and discussing the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, a book recommended to both of us by Jason.

As I related to Sal on the way, it was a type of passive-aggressive wanting to pull him in for a big hug and pushing him out of the nest to soar on his own.

It was with mixed pride and a little sadness taking off from Logan Airport Sunday morning. I was headed back home, and Sal was staying in Boston in his new home. A new beginning for him and a rearranging of our relationship together. We are moving from a hierarchical to a flatter, more collaborative relationship.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Jason and Callum are currently 100% in a hierarchical relationship. Little Callum is 100% dependent on Jason.

Peace be with you.

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