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Interview with Pancham Gupta and Michael Flight on Episode 35 of The Gold Collar Investor podcast.

MAY 11, 2020 | EPISODE 35

Pancham Gupta interviews Michael Flight

Concordia’s Michael Flight gets together in the middle of the COVID 19 Pandemic with Pancham Gupta of the Gold Collar Investor.  In this show, Pancham and Michael discuss NNN retail real estate investing.  They hit on some difficult topics like the complete closure of some retail businesses because of the virus and the impact of ecommerce/online sales for retail real estate investment.

What they find is there are some fantastic opportunities in NNN and Single Tenant Triple Net real estate investment to structure your portfolio so that it is not only recession-resistant but also COVID-proof. This show will particularly interest those who are looking for alternatives to Wall Street investing. Pancham and Michael discuss the different categories in retail real estate; understanding the difference between a Net Lease (N), Double Net Lease (NN), and Triple Net Lease (NNN). They also discuss the key success factors for retail real estate investing, and what red flags to look out for when investing .

The conversation wraps up with how a Net Lease portfolio of Essential Business retailers and service providers can not only outperform bonds, but also has less risk than shakey municipal bonds propping up unsustainable government pension systems.

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Pancham Gupta is a Podcaster, Syndicator, Real Asset Investor, Manager, Engineer and principal of Mesos Capital LLC.  Mesos Capital LLC is a privately held multifamily investment firm with over $32,000,000 of assets under management focusing on the acquisition and management of opportunistic and value-add multifamily properties. Pancham has hosted The Gold Collar Investor podcast since October 2019 to teach high-paid professionals how to diversify their portfolios with main-street investing, outside of the wall-street investing arena. Pancham was formerly Head of Derivative Data (a/k/a A Rocket Scientist) for 14 year at Bloomberg LP where he led a team of engineers to generate top quality derivatives data and analytics using the latest technology and providing creative solutions to clients, both within and outside of Bloomberg.

Michael J. Flight is a real estate entrepreneur who is an expert in commercial real estate, especially shopping center investment and NNN retail real estate.  Michael has been active in commercial real estate for the past 35 years and has handled more than $600 million worth of real estate transactions. Michael Flight is a founding principal of Concordia Realty Corporation, Concordia Equity Partners LLC and more recently Liberty Global Real Estate Fund, a net leased property fund curated to create a conservative, safe haven portfolio of long term, Single-Tenant Net-Leased properties designed for geographic diversification, tenant credit diversification and industry diversification. Michael has been featured on many business podcasts, served on numerous non-profit boards, held elected office, and shared as a featured speaker on real estate investment, poverty alleviation, and free markets. He is also an Amazon #1 Best Selling author with the book DESIRE, DISCIPLINE & DETERMINATION: LESSONS FROM BOLD THOUGHT LEADERS

Concordia Realty Corporation has been successfully connecting sound economics with experience in real estate for more than 30 years.  Our wide range of experience has uniquely positioned us to redevelop and repurpose properties that are experiencing disruptions related to technology and merchandising.  This experience has built a skill-set that helps to add value to all of our real estate ventures.

More recently, Concordia Equity Partners LLC was created to provide the same investment opportunities and expertise that our institutional partners have enjoyed over the years. We are a premier private real estate investment and management firm that specializes in Retail Real Estate, including Shopping Centers and Single-Tenant Net-Lease properties. Our newest venture is Liberty Real Estate Fund ( a blockchain based security token fund. LibertyFund is focused on investing in high quality, well located Single-Tenant Net-Leased (NNN) properties in targeted high growth, low tax areas of the United States.  The portfolio has been specifically designed to provide stable, recession resistant income combined with inflation protected wealth preservation and equity growth.

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