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Desire, Discipline & Determination, Lessons From Bold Thought Leaders is such a powerful book, and we are honored to be a part of it. It is fantastic to be working with this all-star group that includes a 7-time Emmy-winner, NFL player, award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneurs, professionals, successful real estate investors, highly sought after speakers, notable authors, top podcasters, and more.  Everyone involved has made sure this book and the lessons inside will make a positive difference for the people who read it.

Kyle Wilson – Not Your Typical Path, Detailing Cars to Founder of Jim Rohn International
Matthew J. Weiss – Courage Comes in Many Forms
Ellen Copperperson – We’re Still Standing, Against All Odds
Leonard Wheeler – The Mindset of a Champion
Jay Hartley – Success Through Street Smarts & Hard Work
Zurama Arancibia – Faith in a Whirlwind of Fear
Benjamin Goodwin – You Can Do Hard Things
Michael J. Flight – Trust God to Direct You to Your True Purpose
Greg Zlevor – Life Is Difficult Until It Isn’t
Jim & Nancy Richardson – Purpose-Driven Investing
Lin Weaver – Seeds to Serving

Michael Buffington – Tell Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Ted Turner that a Learning Disability Will Hold Them Back
L. Tia Blount – Tap Those ASSets – Emerging from ‘Prison’ to Becoming an Entrepreneur, Investor
Ed Myrick – The Legacy of the Comeback Kid
Rachid Zahidi – The One That May Save Your Business
Christine Brown-Kindred – Fear Not
Mark Florentino – Overcoming Obstacles Through Resourcefulness and Determination
Jon Correll – How a Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur Overcame Bone-Crushing Social Anxiety and Fear of Failure
Gabriel Hamel – You Can Have It All
Tracy Davis – From High School Dropout to a Six-Figure Income (Part-Time)
Rocco Sirizzotti – A Win for Small Business – Stealing a Page from Private Equity to Build a $22 Million Business
Keisha Brooks – It’s Not Over, I Am Just Beginning
John Haney – Desire: How a Small-Town Kid with Bad Eyes Became a Fighter Pilot
Darren Seys – Farm to Failing to Fantastic. A Lesson Learned
Dr. Lee Newton – The Path to Success is Paved With Perseverance
Erika De La Cruz – The Breakdown that Got Me to Stop People-Pleasing and Go All-In on My Passions
David Wallach – Self-Discipline – Your Road May to Success
Brian Boyle – Doing Good, Despite Not Doing Well: Failing in My Health Care Business
Jason Ricks – The Missed Kick
Sarah Kim – Project Happiness
Victor Awtry – The Happiest Man in Texas
Derek Baker – Financial Success to Financial Freedom, Finding Your Why
Brian & Tracey Akamine – Ikigai: A Reason for Being
Newy Scruggs – Coach K. Was No Overnight Success
John Goolcharan – I Will Persist Until I Succeed
Frederick Crawford – Nothing Can Stop You When You Are Driven and Determined
Quentin McNew – From Valet Parking for $9 an Hour to a Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio in 18 Months
Robert Helms – 15 Exercises to Build Your Desire, Discipline and Determination
Tim Cole – Foreword

These are stories to awaken your dreams, to push you, to keep you going.  They remind you that everyone struggles.  The struggle and overcoming the challenge are what makes even small victories worth doing.  If they can do it, you can too! Everyone involved has put great effort into making sure this book will make a positive ripple in the world. We are honored by each of you who take the time to read and start that ripple.

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