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Investing in Concordia Realty Corporation’s investments involves a high degree of risk, including the possible complete loss of your investment. In addition to being an illiquid investment with an uncertain liquidity date, these investments may have other risks.  These Concordia Realty Corporation investments may have other risks involving:

Uncertainties in the financial markets which may result in increased debt service costs or failure to obtain financing.

Uncertainties in the real estate entitlement process, which may result in increased costs, delays, and risks of ownership of the property.

Uncertain or weak general market conditions relating to the future disposition of properties.

Possible unforeseen costs or liability associated with the properties.

Competitive pressures on rental rates and selling prices.

Possible conflicts of interest.

Uncertainty of legal and regulatory environment.  

Uncertainty regarding future taxes.

Uncertainty of the value of the United States Dollar and Dollar denominated investments.  

The past performance of any of Concordia Realty Corporation or its affiliates investments is no guarantee of future results.


Concordia Realty Corporation and Michael J. Flight do not offer tax or legal advice, and highly encourage potential partners and investors to seek the counsel of an attorney regarding any partnership, joint venture or investment, as well as seek the counsel of a tax professional or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to determine if there are any potential tax liabilities or consequences as the result of partnering with us on transactions and acquisitions.  


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