Concordia Realty is proud to support Freedom Of Life by serving as board members and advisors as well as through utilizing their services to create opportunities for women in Romania to escape the bondage of human trafficking.

Asociatia Umanitara Libertatea De Viata (Freedom of Life Humanitarian Association of Romania) serves as a resource and advocate for women in Romania who are rebuilding their lives after being victims of human trafficking. Freedom of Life provides legal aid, financial capital and skills training to assist women.  Freedom of Life provides them with the tools they need to survive the psychological, emotional and physical effects of this modern form of slavery.

The founders of Asociatia Umanitara Libertatea De Viata believe that the resilience created through our struggles is strong enough to overcome the scars of our past.

Freedom of Life Humanitarian Association of Romania was founded to generate and proliferate awareness of the sexual  exploitation of women in Romania (as well as Eastern Europe) and to provide women and their families with resources and trainings:

  • Create awareness of exploitation/trafficking of women in the sex industry.
  • Advocate for fairer family/child custody laws.
  • Provide legal aid for emancipation and police protection.
  • Assist with citizenship/visa/work permit status and other issues related to escaping from slavery and exploitation.
  • Create new opportunities through Social Enterprises for women to provide for themselves/their families in healthy,safe environments.

The principles of Concordia assist Freedom of Life Humanitarian Association in creating entrepreneurship opportunities to provide income and independence. Additionally, Concordia Realty has utilized the services of New Life Humanitarian Association for website work and other special projects with great success for both organizations.  You can see some of their work here: and and at our website:

Asociatia Umanitara Libertatea De Viata (Freedom of Life) and Concordia Realty have recently started a real estate investment mentoring program to train women with the techniques for buying, developing & selling land, apartments and houses in the Bucharest area.  Freedom of Life and Concordia Realty see pent up demand for Romania’s newly rising middle class and their desire to own suburban style homes.  In addition, certain parts of Bucharest itself have a thriving apartment rental market serving expatriots / corporate transferees living and working in this vibrant capital city.  The women of Freedom of Life are learning the vital skills of market research, negotiation, financial analysis, local real estate laws, zoning issues, working with contractors and investors.  These skills and confidence building actions transfer to all parts of rebuilding their lives, families and financial independence. The partnership of Freedom of Life and Concordia Realty hope to connect these untapped emerging market opportunities in one of the fastest growing areas of the Eurozone with capital looking for Social Enterprise investments.


April 12-18, 2019 in Bucharest Romania

Join this fun-filled week of real estate market exploration and education in one of the European Union’s hottest growth markets – Bucharest Romania. Bucharest is bursting at the seams and the Romanian middle class is exploding.  Come join us as we visit suburban growth surrounding Bucharest and how you can capture some of the upside from investing in this dynamic european capital city. Romania is rebuilding a stronger, more diverse economy and workforce. It is a jewel not only for tourism but also has an emerging tech hub … manufacturing juggernaut …. distribution leader … and it’s attracting a newer, younger population. Romania is making a comeback and this city is remarkably affordable to visit.

Learn how you can profit in Romanian real estate investment!

For more information on travel plans or to arrange a meeting contact us here:

For more information on Asociatia Umanitara Libertatea De Viata them here:

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