Connecting Sound Economics With Experience in Real Estate

Our investment philosophy starts in our name: Concordia is the Latin word for harmony and agreement, literally “with one heart.  Our investment philosophy is the alignment of interests with our partners, it is built into our name.  We align with our investors by co-investing our own capital in risk-adjusted acquisitions that provide stable investment returns and maximize wealth creation.  It is the alignment with our tenants to have an optimum performing retail center or high quality, safe, comfortable residence.  It is the alignment with municipalities to have an attractive,  productive, tax-paying (low taxes preferred) asset to the community. When all these relationships are fully optimized an asset will generate the highest returns to our investors.    

Concordia Realty’s investment philosophy is based on wisdom achieved through experience.  It is wisdom that discerns the difference between following the crowd and using true insight based on a depth of knowledge to see opportunities to arbitrage higher returns. It is the difference between gambling and calculated risk.  Concordia Realty is a highly reliable and consistent partner with our investors. We take pride in building long term relationships.

Each real estate investment is unique, but there are usually tested and true strategies to unlock the inherent value of a real estate asset.  Starting in 1989, Concordia has delivered value to all aspects of our business through integrity, discipline, execution, entrepreneurship, and experience to achieve investment success.  Concordia has experience with long term holds (exceeding 28 years) as well as fix & flip opportunities.  The duration of the majority of our investments last between four and seven years to harvest maximum returns.

Investor capital appreciation and true wealth growth are the foundation of our real estate investment philosophy.

In addition, the principals of Concordia Realty are active in applying their unique skill set in real estate with the following organizations: 

  • Chicago Hope AcademyActive advisory member with Chicago Hope Homes  a unique real estate enterprise established to support Chicago Hope Academy through the purchase, renovation and flipping houses to generate operating funds along with larger, stabilized investments as a long term endowment for the school. Chicago Hope Academy provides a first class, faith-based education in a safe environment to the at-risk youth of Chicago. Completely independent and accepting zero federal dollars, Chicago Hope Academy is striving to reach long term sustainability through entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Sunshine Gospel Ministries: Active member of Sunshine Enterprises real estate committee including all facets of real estate investment from total gut renovation projects, to multifamily investments within the Woodlawn community.  Additionally, Concordia’s principals are major contributors for the Blight Reduction Program (“BRP”) grant application and administration to the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) in partnership with the Cook County Land Bank and CIC Chicago.  Sunshine Gospel Ministries exists to seek renewal in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago through ministries of discipleship, mercy, and justice. They accomplish this through building relationships, teaching and mentoring, developing life skills, entrepreneurship training, and community investment.  Stop by Greenline Coffee a unique social enterprise run by Sunshine.
  • Asociatia Umanitara Libertatea De Viata (Freedom of Life Humanitarian Association) of România. The purpose of the New Life Humanitarian Association of Romania is:

                  (a) create awareness of exploitation/trafficking of women in the sex industry

                  (b) advocate for fairer family/child custody laws

                  (c) create new opportunities for women to provide for themselves/their families in healthy, safe environments

The principles of Concordia assist New Life Humanitarian Association in creating entrepreneurship opportunities to provide income and independence. Additionally, Concordia Realty has utilized the services of New Life Humanitarian Association for website work and other special projects with great success for both organizations.  

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