FREEDOMFEST ALLSTAR PANEL Michael Flight, Dana Samuelson, Lane Kawaoka, and Robert Helms of the Real Estate Guys

At FreedomFest on Friday, July 19, 2019, the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada we gathered to discuss ideas on freedom, investing and protecting your assets.

This article was originally published at the FreedomFest Forum


By: Michael Flight

The United States National Debt is forecast in 5 years to enter its “Death Spiral” phase by borrowing money to pay interest on debt service. Combine that with insane stock market volatility for the foreseeable future, and you have the perfect case for hard assets.

In addition, the economy is in what looks like the last innings of the second-longest economic expansion since 1854.  While nine consecutive years of economic growth is impressive, how do you prepare your portfolio for when the music stops? 

Come and learn from our panel of industry experts on how you can accumulate safer returns while eliminating volatility from your investment portfolio. 

This panel was curated and moderated by commercial real estate expert Michael Flight and included industry leaders Robert Helms, Dana Samuelson, and Lane Kawaoka who shared the secrets of gaining outsized returns while minimizing risk.  

Investing in Commercial Real Estate got a giant boost with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and is set to outperform stocks or bonds with less volatility in the coming years.  Additionally, Gold is becoming more important as a safe haven for your hard earned investment dollars. Combining the passive income and tax shelter benefits of real estate with the hedge of gold might be your best way to thread the needle of projected disaster.  

One of the most favorable reasons to invest in real estate is its ability to provide downside protection for your capital with a higher return profile.  Pairing the tax-advantaged returns of real estate with the rock-solid attributes of gold can insulate your hard-earned capital from the storms ahead. 

Real estate, especially commercial real estate with long term leases locked in with quality tenants provides not only appreciation but also cash flow. Additionally, with generous depreciation allowances and special incentives in the recently signed into law by President Trump (he is a real estate guy after all) entitled Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 real estate investments can actually create cash flow and investment returns while creating tax losses that shelter income. Depending on your status as an investor and how your investment is held, those losses may also shelter W-2 income and income from other investments. 

Robert Helms (real estate/syndication/agriculture/gold), Lane Kawaoka (real estate), Michael Flight (commercial real estate) will discuss the benefits of cash flow sheltered by Depreciation including the new 100% Bonus Depreciation for certain aspects of real estate, Mortgage Interest Deductions as a cost of doing business and the new 20% Pass-Through Deduction for Qualified Businesses held by Limited Liability Companies. In addition, there is No Payroll Tax, Low Capital Gains Taxes, IRA Eligible, and the ability to defer taxes using Section 1031: Like-Kind Exchanges.  Even if you do not hold the property yourself, you will still benefit from these tax savings if you invest in Private Real Estate Funds that take these tax breaks and use them to make your returns even better.

Despite these reasons, we are aware that there are always two sides to the coin. That is why we have brought on precious metals experts Dana Samuelson to help us catch what we may be missing with Gold.  Gold since 1900 has been the best long-term store of value and is an excellent tool for long-term wealth preservation. Other benefits of gold and precious metals are: Inflation and Stock Market Hedging, Private and Confidential, Highly Liquid (you can take gold with you anywhere in the world), not susceptible to being Erased or Hacked, owning precious metals are without Counterparty Risk, and most importantly Gold can’t be printed by the government.  Governments have shown a long train of abuses and usurpations, including garnishing wages (withholding tax anyone?), freezing bank accounts, and confiscating investment funds. 

As stated perfectly by Katina Stefanova “we are entering uncharted waters with global debt levels over $250 trillion, nearing the end of one of the longest economic expansion cycles in history and the extremely poor labor force demographic trends of slowing growth and aging. These macroeconomic headwinds will incentivize policymakers to run larger deficits and central banks to print money, which should increase the attractiveness of gold.”

Gold and Real Estate are physical assets, real assets not paper or blips of code on a screen. They are both exceptional inflation hedges and when combined, can become a powerful strategy for tax-sheltered passive investment returns with a hedge against inflation and government stupidity and duplicity.

We had a great time at FreedomFest this and with this panel Friday, July 19, 2019, at 3:10pm in the Chablis Room of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

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This article was originally published at the FreedomFest Forum:

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