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You own the property: Now What?  Concordia Realty Management, Inc. is the answer for your Property Management needs.

Property Management is more sophisticated and demanding than ever before.   Tenant relations, building codes, zoning regulations, technology, community relations and environmental standards have evolved faster in the last ten years than the fifty years that preceded them.  

Property Management is part science and part art.  Truly great Property Managers operate their property in the most cost effective manner possible while consistently fine tuning to create value and keep your tenants happy.

Innovative and judicious spending by your management team is essential in creating profits and enhancing value.  Concordia Realty keeps your bottom line intact while presenting an attractive and exciting property from foundation to roof.  

Since 1990, Concordia Realty Management, Inc. has been maintaining and increasing the value and profitability of every property we manage.  Every service our organization performs, from tenant relations to contractor supervision, improves the market-ability and increases the revenue potential of your property.  Our management team has matured with the industry, seeing new developments and breakthroughs first hand. Our Property Management experience extends to Individuals; Limited Liability Companies ( LLC ); General Partners and Limited Partnerships; Non-Profit Organizations in addition to Institutional Real Estate held by Insurance Companies; Real Estate Investment Trusts ( REIT ); Pension Funds and Pension Fund Advisors; European Public Real Estate Companies; US Banking Institutions; Asian Banking Institutions; Canadian Investment Funds; Hedge Funds; Offshore Funds; and Private Equity Funds.

All our Property Management operations are designed to increase profit, reduce expense and limit your liabilities.

Below is a list for some of the Property Management services provided by Concordia Realty Management, Inc.:

  • Physically Inspect The Property And Create An Existing Property Condition Report
  • Review Leases and Update Lease Abstracts
  • Create Capital Budget For Major Systems Including Roofs, Parking Lots, Hvac, Structural And Fire Protection
  • Create an Annual Operating Budget
  • Collect All Rents, Reimbursable Expenses (Real Estate Taxes, Common Area Maintenance, Insurance, Utilities) Other Charges, if Applicable  and Miscellaneous Income including State and Municipal Incentives
  • Pay Mortgage(s) per Loan Terms, Ground Lease Payments per Terms and Assist with Financing / Refinancing
  • Pay Property Taxes when due and Arrange or Assist with Property Tax Appeals
  • Review Current Insurance or obtain Property and Liability Insurance along with Optional Coverage, if applicable, for Rent Insurance, Workers Compensation, Auto, Employee Health, Fine Art, Boiler, Environmental, Terrorism, etc.
  • Guide Property Owner on Hiring Property Maintenance Personnel versus Contract Maintenance
  • Implement a Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Buildings, Common Area Fixtures and Equipment
  • Contract for Maintenance, Landscaping, Parking Lot Sweeping, Snow Plowing, Lighting, Pylon Signs, RPZ/Fire Sprinklers/Lawn Sprinklers
  • Supervise On-Site Employees and Property Vendors
  • Compliance with Federal, State and Municipal Regulations including Building Codes, Zoning, Signage, State and Federal Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Codes
  • Periodically Inspect Tenant Premises for Use Provision Compliance and Lease Required Maintenance
  • Collect Tenant Insurance Certificates on an Annual Basis
  • Analysis of Tenant Sales and Productivity for Health Ratios, Renewal Terms and Comparable Merchant Category Sale per Square foot
  • Enforce Terms of Tenant Leases Including: Notifying Property Owner, Sending Default Notices, Unlawful Detainer Complaints and Eviction, if necessary
  • Provide Monthly (or Quarterly) and Annual Financial Reports on a Fiscal Year, Tax Basis or Calendar Year (Cash or Accrual)
    • Updated Rent Roll, Income/Expense Statement, Balance Sheet, Bank Reconciliation Report, Bank Statements, Tenant Sales Reports
    • See Property Accounting Below for more detail on Accounting, Bookkeeping, Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Pay Owner Distributions from the Operating Account as Directed by Owner
  • Analyze and Bid Service Contracts to Secure Best Services for Most Cost-Effective Pricing
  • Maintenance Supervision of all Ordinary and Extraordinary Repairs and Alterations
  • Energy Use Reduction Programs and Minimization of Utility Usage
  • Net Present Value Analysis for Potential Lease Transactions
  • Temporary Tenant and Pop-Up Store Leasing and Licensing
  • Tenant Coordination Services for New Leases including Tenant Allowance Disbursement and Free Rent/Reduced Rent Periods
  • Manage Build-Outs for White Box, Demising/Resizing Spaces, Tenant Improvements
  • Extensive Experience with Obtaining Federal Grants for Non-Profit Real Estate Organization, State EPA Funds for Environmental Issues and Municipal Incentives including Sales Tax Rebates and Tax Increment Financing ( TIF )
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
  • Insurance Claim Management and Restoration Services including Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA ) Claims
  • Marketing Support including Property Advertising Campaigns and Public Relations; Aerial and Professional Property Pictures; Drone Video; Brochures
  • Motion Picture, Movie and Television Location Licensing Agreements
  • Art Installation, Maintenance and Transportation Coordination
  • Create, Design, Market and SEO Optimize Property Website for Online Marketing, Rent Payments, Tenant Work Orders, Tenant and Community Communications

Asset Management Services include Financial Modeling for Acquisition and Disposition Analysis; Re-Finance Analysis and Execution: Portfolio Services; Writing Property Business Plans; Liquidity and Cash Management; Treasury Purchases; Assist with Setting Fund Management Policies; CAPEX Decision Analysis; Property Valuation Estimates; Strategy Formulation and Implementation and other related items that can be customized to your unique, individual situation.

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