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KINGDOM CAPITALIST PODCAST Interview with Ellis Hammond and Concordia Equity’s Michael Flight

E4 – Serving God by Building Businesses with Michael Flight


Ellis Hammond interviews Michael J Flight on Episode 4 of his Kingdom Capitalist podcast.

We met Ellis Hammond at the 2018 Intelligent Investors Real Estate Conference in Marina Del Rey, California.  You could tell that he was going to go big and do great things. Well now he has not only started his for profit real estate investment fund but has also created the Kingdom Capitalists podcast, website and MASTERMIND.

Before getting in to real estate Ellis was building Christian communities on college campuses across San Diego along with raising funds and launching ministries.

Ellis turned to full time real estate investing with the goal of creating more passive income to support his growing family.

He is now investing in bigger deals and syndicating large multi-family apartment complexes. He has also started as an educational resource for fellow investors.   He currently manages a private network of investors seeking passive investment opportunities in multifamily syndications across the United States.

Kingdom Capitalists came about through Ellis’ desire to see more Christian business leaders take up the call of making an impact for the Kingdom of God through the ministry of work.


The Kingdom Capitalists Mastermind is a group for Christian business leaders who desire to live in community with like-minded people. The goal of the group is to gain real-world business insights from a community of peers who share your faith in Christ, vision for renewal through entrepreneurial success, and strong conviction to biblical values. This is a community where you will be challenged to achieve more in your business, walk more intimately with the Lord, and live out a God-honoring, fulfilled life.

Michael J. Flight is a real estate entrepreneur who is an expert in commercial real estate, especially shopping center investment and NNN retail real estate.  Michael has been active in commercial real estate for the past 35 years and has handled more than $600 million worth of real estate transactions. Michael has been featured on many business podcasts, served on numerous non-profit boards, held elected office, and shared as a featured speaker on real estate investment, poverty alleviation, and free markets. He is also an Amazon #1 Best Selling author with the book DESIRE, DISCIPLINE & DETERMINATION: LESSONS FROM BOLD THOUGHT LEADERS 

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