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Concordia Equity Partner’s Jason Ricks talks with Steffany Boldrini on the Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z podcast.

Jason had a long and wide ranging discussion with Steffany Boldrini of Monte Carlo Real Estate on her show Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z.  The show went so well she split it into two podcast segments. The first half is called What is Cash on Cash, IRR, and REIT’s? In this short segment they cover a lot of fundamental concepts like the difference between cash on cash; what is IRR (Internal Rate of Return); what are REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trust); and the pros and cons of investing in REITs versus Syndications.

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The second segment is What’s The Future of Retail, How Should a Retail Investor Approach Their Investments in Today’s World? In this podcast Jason and Steffany discuss where is retail going, how should a retail real estate investor analyze potential investments and Concordia Equity Partners approach to  investments in today’s world. Additionally, Jason explains, what tenants are looking for in a retail center nowadays, and what are some major terms that national tenants and landlords want to see in their lease.

Jason Ricks is a native Texan, professional real estate investor, certified commercial investment member (CCIM), and real estate entrepreneur whose primary focus is on acquisitions, leasing, construction, and development.  Jason’s background in retail leasing and asset management make him an invaluable member of Concordia’s team for developing strategy to unlock the value of a property. Also check out Jason’s incredible story of being a placekicker for a top 10 Division I football program and his journey into real estate in the #1 Amazon bestselling book: DESIRE, DISCIPLINE & DETERMINATION

Steffany Boldrini‘s Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z podcast is an outstanding resource for individuals looking to get started in Commercial Real Estate Investing.  Steffany gives you a jump start of high voltage information in her bi-weekly podcast with the steps needed for making Retail Real Estate investments.  You journey with her by experiencing successes, lessons learned, and learning valuable information from experts in their field. Her Bold Goal is for you to learn everything you need to know to get started with real estate investing. She is based in San Francisco / Silicon Valley.  Utilizing her technology/venture capital background, she is perfectly positioned to review new developments in Fintech and how technology affects Commercial Real Estate. Listening to Steffany Boldrini’s Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z will put you ahead of the game.

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