The Wealth Formula Podcast Interview with Buck Joffrey and Concordia Realty’s Michael Flight

Wealth Formula # 146: Mini-Malls in 2019?   

(We don’t really like the title but we very much appreciate Buck!)


Buck Joffrey, MD

Buck is host of the top rated Wealth Formula and Consensus Network podcasts, best selling financial author of 7 Secrets of Eternal Wealth, a real asset investor, and a board certified surgeon.

Meet us at Buck’s Wealth Formula TITANS OF MULTIFAMILY REAL ESTATE event in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA March 1-2, 2019

A great way to put an end to winter, Scottsdale is beautiful especially in March.  More importantly, Buck has brought together some of the biggest minds in multifamily for you to meet.  It will be a dynamic event to meet other fantastic attendees like Lane Kawaoka

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