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FEE’s Vision = To make the ideas of liberty familiar, credible, and compelling to the rising generation.

FEE focuses on introducing freedom as a life philosophy to audiences, striving to bring about a world in which the economic, ethical, and legal principles of a free society are familiar and credible to the rising generation.

FEE, the first free-market organization in the United States, was founded in New York in 1946 by Leonard E. Read to study and advance the freedom philosophy. FEE has published or hosted lectures by some of the finest minds of the modern age, including Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Milton Friedman, James Buchanan, Vernon Smith, Israel Kirzner, Walter Williams, George Stigler, Frank Chodorov, John Chamberlain, F.A. “Baldy” Harper, and William F. Buckley, Jr., among many others.

FEE employs commercially-proven digital marketing strategies and life-changing, in-person programs to reach young people directly, at large scale, and at different stages of their personal journeys toward the adoption of freedom as their life philosophy.

The Foundation for Economic Education is committed to nothing more nor less than the defense of our civilization against intellectual error.

  ~ F.A. Hayek, Nobel laureate in Economics

FEE’s five areas of programs are:

  • EBOOKS  Ebook Formats include: Audio; EPUB; Mobi and PDF   

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