Property Management

Property management is far more sophisticated and demanding than ever. Tenant relations, building codes, zoning regulations, technology, community relations and environmental standards have evolved faster in the last ten years than the fifty years that preceded them.

Has your property management changed to meet these new challenges?

Innovative and judicious spending by your management team is essential in creating profits and enhancing value. Concordia Realty management keeps your bottom line intact while presenting an attractive and exciting shopping center.

Concordia Realty management recognizes that our responsibility goes beyond mere asset management. Since 1990 Concordia Realty has been maintaining and increasing the value and profitability of every property we manage. Every service our organization performs, from tenant relations to contractor supervision, improves the market-ability and increases the revenue potential of your property.

Our range of available services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. This allows you the flexibility to choose the combination of services specifically designed for your situation.

By practicing sound property management principles on a daily basis, our management team professionals create value by aggressive tenant retention programs and formulating effective budgets/business plans based on individual shopping center needs as determined by the management teams and building owners.

Concordia Realty is also capable of splitting the physical property management from the accounting and financial services. We have had clients with in-house accounting capacity that needed our property operations, leasing and personnel skills. Ask us about our full menu of options to serve your needs.

The bottom line is that Concordia Realty Management, Inc. is capable of providing the solutions to your property management challenges.