Leasing & Sales

Concordia Realty asset management provides complete leasing services to shopping center owners and investors.

As shopping center specialists, Concordia Realty’s primary goal is providing maximum return on a shopping center owner’s investment. This means directing our efforts to lease space as quickly as possible to the most qualified and financially sound tenants at the highest attainable rents.

Value is created in your shopping center when leasing is approached as more than filling empty space. Concordia Realty follows through from beginning to end; starting with tenant mix to achieve optimum market-based rents and to assist each retailer into overage rent situations.

With consumer sophistication at an all-time high, retail concepts fall out of favor sooner than ever and electronic commerce is a real threat. We look for unique merchants that are the best at merchandising, selling, entertaining and creating value for the consumer in a particular retail category.

Through our experience with representing shopping centers, we make sure every lease is thoroughly negotiated from a business and legal standpoint. You can be assured there are no conflicts of interest and that our interests are only aligned with your shopping center investment.

Concordia Realty asset management approaches our leasing responsibilities in a responsible and aggressive manner by:

  • Positioning and merchandising appropriately in the trade area.
  • Creating and implementing a goal driven marketing support program.
  • Responding quickly and accurately to brokers and prospects needs.

Successful marketing of your retail project is the result of experience, creativity and persistence on the part of our leasing organization.